Rock meets you

Often the onyx, travertine, marble and semi-precious stone in our warehouse are photographed by the people we're working with for their own inspiration. This is what happened when our rock met some different creatives - we first document Germans Ermičs' exploration.

Stone playground by Germans Ermičs

Solidnature Fw16 Rock And Me Germans Ermics Miami Image1
Solidnature Fw16 Rock And Me Germans Ermics Miami Image2

Optical illusions play a large part in his work, so Germans Ermičs created questions here with scale and placement of stone. 

A playful approach was taken in constructing the pieces, working with offcuts and special shapes previously created in our machine park. He wanted to focus on the balance between seemingly functional and 'waste' materials. 

Light-play and shadow highlighted different parts of the pieces and created extra dimensions to explore, all of which ends up challenging people in their view of the solid nature of stone, and its uses. The scenes, while functional, are also emotive and colourful, creating a sun-drenched mood.

Featured stone

The Illusion Stairs
Background: Sunset Rainbow Onyx
Piece, top to bottom: Amethyst Semi-precious, Taupe Palacio Marble, Palomino Travertine and Arabescato Marble.

The Side Table
Background: Sunset Rainbow Onyx 
Piece, top to bottom: White Travertine, Alga Superficiem Traonyx, Snow Travertine and Caramel Clouds Onyx.

Rock meets glass artist

Germans Ermičs is known for his experimentation with glass, seeing his work as a visual investigation into the relationship between colour and shape. Instead of colour being only decorative, Germans likes to work with it as if it were a 3D shape. He treats it in a completely different way to others, transforming the pure geometry of material into an expressive object, and playing with its visual hierarchy. His aim is to disrupt the traditional roles in what defines a product.

In this exploration with SolidNature, Germans began with the solidity of the material. Lit in such a way that the rock glows different sheens, it displays hues that show off its true quality. He seeks to bring the raw inner presence of the rock out. As with glass, he set about transforming the material with colour-play, light, shadow, perspective and placement. Glass and stone are two very differeny materials, yet he found there were similarities in how they could be manipulated by machinery.

Germans is an Amsterdam-based designer who currently focuses on sculptural furniture pieces in glass. Born in Latvia,  he is a multi-faceted designer who has worked across graphic, furniture and interior design. His work has been featured in cultural zeitgeist such as Dezeen, Sight Unseen, Wallpaper, Frame and  AD magazine. He often collaborates with architects and interior design studios.

Glenn Sestig Architects featured Germans’ in their retail presence  for Raf Simons - a glass aquarium at their newly opened Dover Street Market. Queen of design Rossana Orlandi, known for scouting talent, represents his work in her Milan gallery. The New York Times called him one of the 15 most exciting designers at the Salone del Mobile 2016.

Featured stone

The Slide
Background: Sunset Rainbow Onyx
Piece, left to right: Warm Henna Marble, Golden Black Marble, Abasabat White Travertine.
Base: Creamy Ripple Travertine.

South Beach Chair
Background: Sunset Rainbow Onyx
Piece, top-left to right: Green Strata Onyx and Dark Abraham Travertine.
Base: Silver Travertine.

Solidnature Fw16 Rock And Me Germans Ermics Miami Image3
Solidnature Fw16 Rock And Me Germans Ermics Miami Image4