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Since the dawn of civilization, marble has been one of the most sought-after types of natural stone. It has featured prominently in many a palace, monument and home throughout history, and graces many more with its decorative presence up to this day. Still, it can be difficult to find the right supplier for marble – especially one who is capable of providing the variety and quality you desire.

SolidNature is a global marble supplier with a strong commitment to quality. We oversee every stage of the production process, from stone selection at the quarry and import to its development into a bespoke piece of interior decoration. You can choose from a broad collection of marble and rely on us to guide you every step of the way, from installing the stone to providing maintenance services afterwards.

Want to know how we’re able to supply only the best slabs of marble? Browse our unique selection and find the new centrepiece for your interior. We love a challenge, so feel free to propose ambitious designs and new varieties of stone. Order a free sample or contact us for a quote. We’d love to get in touch to help fulfil your wishes.

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Our marble collection

Have a look at our product range and you’ll find that we supply no less than 88 different types of marble. This is made possible by our connection to a global network of over 150 quarries, where we can find any type of stone you’re looking for.

From these quarries, we are able to directly source marble in a wide range of different colours and patterns. Whether you’re looking for the simple elegance of pure white or solid black marble, or a specific colour or hypnotizingly beautiful pattern better suits your style, you’re sure to find it here.

Of course, you may find that a specific type of stone is not included in our collection. In that case, please let us know what you’re looking for. We will find it for you.

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Supplier of marble, the most popular stone in the world

The large amount we have on offer of one specific kind of natural stone can easily be explained by its unmatched popularity. Marble has always been associated with wealth, class and refined taste, a reputation that is as strong today as it was thousands of years ago. Many people want to get their own piece of timeless design to enrich their homes.

A type of marble for every taste

Another contributing factor to marble’s fame is the rich variety in which it can be found. That has to do with how it is formed. As carbonate rock, it is transformed and recrystallized under extreme heat and pressure into the stones we know. The distinctive colours, veins and patterns are caused by nearby materials like sand, clay, silt and iron oxides during the recrystallization.

Thanks to this process, there’s plenty of choice to find the stone that best suits your interior or project. You might go for classic black or white marble, or perhaps prefer an earth-coloured variety. And if that’s still not what you’re looking for, there are many more different types of marble in bold colours – an endless variety of choices for a more modern feel.

Supplying high quality marble from the quarry to your door

As a brand, customer service is in our nature. That is reflected in our end-to-end natural stone projects, where we guide the stone from the quarry and through our in-house manufacturing atelier to your interior or project. This service-oriented approach comes with several distinct advantages.

Selecting the finest marble from our quarry

We select our marble from quarries located all around the world, or rather wherever the ground is rich in natural stone of high quality. Here lies the heart of what we do, the source that enables us to inspire and be inspired. We buy only the finest pieces of marble, straight from the source and without the interference of stone suppliers. That’s what makes us unique as a natural stone brand. Our experts have the experience and a keen eye for the quality our clients have come to expect of us.

Shipping marble everywhere in the world

We are both importer and exporter of natural stone. The chosen pieces of marble are carefully shipped to the Netherlands, where our specialist craftsmen are ready to receive it and transform it into something new and exciting. These stone designs are in turn transported to projects all around the world.

Creating innovative bespoke marble designs

We love to challenge ourselves and be challenged by designs and projects that may seem daunting to others. Where some see limits, we see a chance to rise above expectations. Our project managers and sketch artists, together with esteemed designers and architects can translate your ideas into concrete plans. They are also happy to think along with you to give advice and help with the endless possibilities and extensive collection.

We house top-class machinery from the aircraft and automotive industry and use innovative approaches to turn stone slabs into pieces of art. Our experts always manufacture bespoke marble designs, no matter how big or small the project. If you have specific wishes for a certain line, structure or colour, just let us know. We can select unique pieces of marble that perfectly suit your project.

Installing and providing expert maintenance

Installing the final product can be precarious. With materials that are both precious and heavy, one must take special care that everything is placed as planned and nothing is damaged. That is why we take responsibility for the result. We only use our own trusted teams, who are professional and highly experienced in installing special stone designs.

When everything is in place, we can help you to maintain the unique quality of your marble. This service helps ensure lasting beauty and style, thanks to the special treatment of our experts.

Marble interior projects

Every project is unique. We create designs for hotels, public spaces, and architecture fairs, as well as residential spaces. Our projects can vary from decorating a bathroom to fully furnishing the Hotel Park Hyatt in Vienna with marble. Have a look at some of our previous successes and find fresh inspiration for your own project.

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Enrich your interior with bespoke marble creations

Whatever your wishes for your interior project, we can make them come true. As a global marble supplier, SolidNature knows every aspect of delivering special natural stone creations. We will guide you every step of the way. Get in touch and tell us what you have in mind, or ask us for a price quote. Our team will be thrilled to help realize your dream.

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