Powered by rocks

We’re experts at working with rock mined from nature that’s millions of years old. We make your project happen with a solid full-service offering from quarry to maintenance, and everything in-between.

Service is in our nature

From small scale projects to big ideas, we’ll bring your vision to life in new ways. With all our services, everything is possible.

What we do

We help you create the result you want from your natural stone. Browse some projects we've worked on…

Rock power

We're inspired by raw rock, like you see here, and its natural beauty. Take a moment to browse through some of our most iconic pieces.

Rock meets you

Being stone-cutter, exporter, importer and installer, we get some beautiful rock passing through our warehouse. This is what happened when Germans Ermičs was inspired to use his creativity.

Our collection

These 600 stones are only the start of what we can do. We can get you anything you need from our global network of partners in mining.