Dreams made into reality. Collaborating with creative minds across a plethora of disciplines, these objects demonstrate the potential for exploration with natural stone. Bring iconic design into your own space with these out-of-this-world pieces.

SolidNature BUDDE

SolidNature Sabine Marcelis

SolidNature OMA

SolidNature Studio Ossidiana

SolidNature Bita Fayyazi

SolidNature Ward Strootman

SolidNature Sabine Marcelis '22

SolidNature OMA '22

SolidNature Birgitte Due Madsen


From architectural monuments to one-off objects, SolidNature works with the finest creative minds from around the globe. We make ideas come true through innovation and expertise, always with a commitment to the very highest quality.

See our collection brought to life through this selection of curated case studies — and see the possibilities of this truly unique material.


SolidNature is always looking for new projects and collaborations that explore the potential and push the boundaries of natural stone. No challenge is too great, so if you have an exciting, industry defining project that you would like to collaborate on, we’d love to hear from you.

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