Service is in our nature

We believe in the endless possibilities of natural stone. Our focus is collaborating with our clients and making their dreams a reality. We offer them access to one of the most exclusive collections of unique stones in the world.

Our Mission

Our in-house design managers, stone workers and project managers work with state-of-the-art machinery to set new standards for craftsmanship, innovation and construction. We encourage you to challenge us.

An Exceptional Collection

We have sourced over 600 types of high-quality marble, travertine, onyx and semi-precious stone from around the world. Browse our extensive collection for inspiration and get in touch to start your dream project.

Rock power

Natural stone is formed organically over millions of years, creating complex layers, veins and colours. Every slab and block is a unique work of art, a petrified slice of sky, sea and earth, a constant source of inspiration

Interior Fragrance

SolidNature brings to life the power of rock in a new way: through an exclusive interior fragrance and work of art. A luxurious scent inspired by the richness and layers of natural stone. It is carefully crafted with SolidNature’s vision to inspire the world to see natural stone in a new light.

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solidnature interior fragrance


Rock meets you

Being stone-cutter, exporter, importer and installer, we have some beautiful rock passing through our warehouse. This is what happened when Germans Ermičs was inspired to use his creativity.