The Champions Lounge at Johan Cruijff Arena

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SolidNature proudly presents The Champions Lounge at Johan Cruijff Arena, the result of a collaboration marked by craftsmanship and creativity. Working in partnership with designer Rob Feenstra, we accomplished the remarkable transformation of this exclusive skybox, breathing life into a magnificent vision.

12 October 2023


Luxury and artisanal craftsmanship

Within this space, SolidNature carefully curated materials that convey opulence and Ajax pride. The bar, at the lounge’s center, features Red Jasper Semi-Precious adorned with subtle backlight crosses, paying tribute to Amsterdam’s iconic symbols. Smokey Quartz Semi-Precious stone graces the bar’s top, emitting a warm, inviting ambiance.

The bar’s surface, thoroughly crafted from fluted travertine, echoes the arena’s design. Crafting the round bar presented a unique challenge, involving the precise cutting of the fluted finish into strips while preserving the natural flow of the travertine’s veins.

In addition to the bar’s exquisite details, the Skybox boasts a Whisky corner featuring exclusive whiskies displayed against Backlight Impala Onyx shelves, adding a unique glow to the transparent bottles.

Take a moment to view the YouTube video for a comprehensive look at this project. Dive into this exceptional venue, which serves as a showcase of luxury and artisanal craftsmanship, demonstrating the limitless potential of natural stone applications.