The candle edition of the interior fragrance

Take a journey of brilliance through stone

Sit back, relax, and enjoy soft, warm candlelight as it shines through beautiful backlit onyx.

This is the brilliance of stone brought to life in a completely new way: through an exclusive interior fragrance and onyx work of art. Experience the luxury of stone cleverly designed to light up every space.

The fragrance comes as an exclusively designed scented candle, sitting in a candle holder made of glass and rare onyx offcuts. The glass is hand-blown glass by artist Carina Reizbos. Adjust the candle’s angle to get different light effects in your room.

A warm and luxurious scent

This luxurious scent is inspired by the richness and layers of natural stone. Composed of 39 unique notes it brings to life stone with a mineral-like clarity and element of deep mystery. It’s crafted from the finest natural ingredients such as rare smoky Oudh, delicate saffron, spicy pink pepper and fresh orange blossom, carefully sourced from around the world, exactly like our stone. Layers of the scent, like snapshots of rock throughout time, slowly unfold to create changing experiences of the fragrance.

A sustainable sculpture in stone

Made from beautiful offcuts of a larger stone created by the earth 1000s of years ago. Natural stone is already one of the most sustainable materials around and this piece has been made to be used time and time again – replace the candle easily and enjoy this scent and art piece in your home forever.

  • Includes: Hand-blown glasswork candle holder, onyx stone object, candle cup
  • Shipping time: Within 48 hours
  • Material: Orange OR Soft Pink Onyx, Lippizaner/Sunrise Delight Onyx, Verde Glacier Onyx
  • Candle: 205cc
  • Approximate burning hours: 30hrs