The Impossible Pool Bert Maessen i.s.m. John Maatman

Nestled at the heart of a Dutch townhouse, the impossible pool is a hidden gem designed by architect Bert Maessen in collaboration with John Maatman. Crafted from onyx and travertine, and set in a travertine floor, the end result is emblematic of SolidNature’s quest for perfection. After extensive research and development, a special waterproof coating for the stone was created, as well as backing the stone with glass to ensure it could withstand the weight of the water within it. The final flourish is artful LED backlighting to create a glow from within.


Peter Baas

Used materials

Gold Strik Onyx, Tide Dusk Travertine, Umbra Palacio Marble

When we see a stone, we see a frozen snapshot of life over 400 million years ago. We see infinite possibilities. This is how we inspire architects and designers: to see the beauty and to use natural stone in new ways.

David Mahyari, SolidNature CEO


Onyx as a naturally porous material, so a durable waterproof coating was essential. This proprietary process is guaranteed and ease of maintenance is also considered, which in this case led to a mini-rail system being created so that lights could be easily changed and installation was seamless.


At 14 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, the pool alone required a larger quantity of slabs, not including the surrounding floors and a massive 1.3 x 1 metre large organic form that sits at the head of the jacuzzi. Ensuring these slabs all worked together and could be bookmatched at every joint was crucial in the project.


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Surface treatment technologies

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