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Our first class creative and technical teams rise to the challenge of your most adventurous natural stone projects.

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Your full-service partner 

From concept to execution, our dedicated project managers are available every step of the way, lending their expertise. From stone selection at the quarries, to planning, dry laying and stone approval, installation and after-care, we have a legacy of overdelivering on our client’s expectations and allow you to pick and choose which elements make sense for your project. This is the beauty of being in full control of our entire supply chain. 



Our dedicated team sources the rarest and most exclusive high quality materials according to your requirements. With over 150 quarries, our reach is unsurpassed and we are constantly in search of phenomenal unseen stones. Not only is the quality considered, but also a client’s needs in terms of colour and veining, while maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in accordance with international human rights and environmental regulations.  

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Dry lay

Offered both digitally and physically, dry laying is an integral part of our process. Because of the intrinsic irregularities in natural stone, digital dry laying allows you to see how every slab and tile will look once cut. If needed, additional physical dry laying gives the full picture of what the gradient of stone will look like once in situ. 



Our in-house production facility is home to craftsmen obsessed with excellence, working alongside state-of-the-art machinery. CNC machines are available for custom designs and waterjet stone cutting and 3D machines are used in favour of traditional cutting machines. We foster innovation by combining experienced professionals with 25+ years working with natural stone beside young digital machinery experts who hope to challenge the future of these materials. In unison, these elements make our production facility the pinnacle of modern ingenuity.  



As a truly global company, we are adept at managing international transport, as well as customs clearance. This invaluable knowledge can make an enormous difference to both budget and timelines for projects in every corner of the world. 



Once our exacting preparation has been completed, installation is a breeze. Our stonemasons make miracles happen on-site and are laser-focused and fully responsible for delivering perfection.  



To maintain the quality and life of your natural stone, we believe regular maintenance is a must. We are available to extend your SolidNatural experience to include yearly sealant and honing or polishing in high foot traffic areas every 3-6 months.  

We see our role as a think-tank and innovation partner. I firmly believe that the future belongs to dreamers – those who can imagine something completely unseen – and we exist to bring those possibilities to life.

David Mahyari, CEO of SolidNature
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