Founded in 2011, we’re experts at working with rock mined from nature that’s millions of years old. You could say we’re the new ones on the block, and we do things differently to everyone else.

The rawness and strange beauty of rock is our passion, and the polished nature of stone in our clients' projects is our speciality. 

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Using our large global network of partners, 'there is no project too small, or slab too big,' as we like to tell our clients. 

They’ll tell you that we do everything within our power to go above and beyond their expectations in our work. Which is perhaps why great architects and designers like to work with us.

And we’re just as passionate about the smaller residential or design projects, designing and creating tailored pieces that stand strong through time.

Our machine park is one of the most advanced in Europe, using technology seen in the aviation and automotive industries. We can get creative with materials because our highly skilled team believe in innovation, and use these machines to their maximum capability.

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From creating a (watertight) swimming pool in the most fragile porous onyx, to aesthetically matching 5200m² stone tiles in an aviation hangar, or installing vast ceilings of travertine, to dyeing stone the exact right colours of a famous luxury fashion brand - we embrace ideas that should never work. 

Using our large global network of partners in mining, 'there is no project too small, or slab too big,' as we like to tell our clients.

Like veins course through rock, natural stone pulses through our veins.

And we promise we’ll always be solid in our offering to you.

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