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Onyx is a great natural stone to add elegance and light to your interior. Its large variety of bright colours and its translucent appearance make it highly desirable. But, because it is rare, it can be difficult to obtain the right type for you. SolidNature is a supplier of onyx with a global network.

As a brand, we are specialized in onyx, with an exceptionally large and varied collection, selected and bought directly from over 150 quarries, so we can always find the right piece of stone for you. We have the expert craftsmen and special materials that are required when working with this complex type of stone.

Service is an integral part of our production process. It is therefore important to us that we guide you every step of the way: from the quarry up to installing it in your home. We create bespoke designs specifically manufactured to suit your dream. Learn more about how we’re able to find the right type of stone for every interior and how we can guarantee you that you will only receive the best slabs of onyx available. Discover our colourful selection of onyx to brighten up every room. Order a free sample, or contact us for a quote to find out more. Are you aiming for an ambitious onyx design? Be sure to let us know – we love to be challenged.

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Our onyx collection

Onyx is a natural stone that is exceptionally rich in colours and different patterns, and this diversity is reflected in our selection of available varieties. The available stones range from clear white to sky-blue to fresh green, and there are even honey-coloured options.

We owe the large variety in our collection to our vast network of quarries. For this reason, we can always find the right slab of onyx and select only the finest pieces of stone to work with.

You can be certain to get exactly what you have in mind for your home or project, even when you can’t find it on our website. Simply let us know the specific pattern and colour of onyx that you seek, and we will locate it in one of the 150 quarries in our network.

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Onyx, a stone full of colour

It’s not hard to imagine why onyx is such a popular type of natural stone: its bright colours and alternating bands are real eye-catchers. Because of these captivating colours, onyx has also featured prominently as jewellery since ancient times, especially in the form of gemstones.

In detail, onyx is a mineral known for its parallel bands that can be found in nearly any colour. As a variety of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline, it is made up of extremely fine intergrowths of the silica minerals quartz and moganite.

How we can guarantee pure and authentic onyx slabs

Due to its rarity, imitations of onyx are fairly common. They may either be banded calcite, falsely sold as genuine onyx, or counterfeits made out of common chalcedony or plain agate. These stones are then treated, for example, with acids to dye them in preferred colours or modify existing colours.

To guarantee the quality and authenticity of our collection, we make sure to buy all our stones directly from the quarry without the use of intermediaries. Our extensive attention to quality sets us apart as a brand from other suppliers of onyx.

Supplying high quality onyx from the quarry to your door

We take our service as a supplier of onyx very serious. This means that we take care of and oversee every single stage in the production process. That is to say, we supervise the onyx as it is transformed from a single slab to a bespoke piece of interior decoration. At SolidNature, you always know what you get: exactly what you ordered.

Selecting the finest onyx from the quarries

We select and buy the type of onyx you desire directly from the quarry without the involvement of intermediate buyers. Our experts at the quarry know precisely what to look for in onyx, so that our craftsmen in the Netherlands always have the very best material at their disposal.

Shipping onyx all over the world

When the onyx is selected at the quarry, we import the raw slabs to the Netherlands, where they are transformed into something extraordinary by our specialized craftsmen. The finished product is in turn exported to our clients’ projects anywhere in the world.

Creating innovative bespoke onyx designs

Although the onyx stone is beautiful by itself, the natural stone really starts to shine when it has been given a unique design. This is where our love for natural stone and creativity comes into play. We use your dreams and imagination as fuel and inspiration to help us create bespoke creations every single time. We aim to surpass your expectations every single time.

Our ambitions are made possible through the collaboration of our project managers and sketch artists together with some of the best designers and architects. Their designs form the basis for the transformation of the original onyx slab into countertops, walls, floor tiles, wall panels and more, using state-of-the-art machinery from the aircraft and automotive industry.

Onyx is a particularly difficult material to work with and it requires expert craftsmanship and the right tools for the job. As a specialist brand we house both the experience, skills and machines to convert the exclusive stone to high quality designs.

Installing and providing expert maintenance

Our service doesn’t end with the delivery of your piece of onyx interior design. We make sure your onyx design is installed with the care and expertise it deserves. The installation of the stone will therefore be carried out by our team. They know exactly how to handle the precious material, and they can also provide maintenance to preserve its beauty.

Brighten up any room with (backlit) onyx

There are few natural stones as colourful and varied as onyx. And what makes it even more unique from other types of natural stone is that it’s translucent, creating a host of exciting decorating possibilities. As a brand we take pride in our extensive collection and know-how when it comes to onyx. We can create almost anything out of a slab of onyx and in all colours of the rainbow.

Onyx floors and walls are a great way to make your kitchen, bathroom (or any room for that matter) into something unique and beautiful.

To fully exploit the translucent properties of the stone and to further emphasize its bold natural colours, we can design onyx elements that are backlit.

The light shining through the thinly cut stone creates a magical effect, showing off the stone’s many layers of minerals. It adds depth to your interior and acts as an absolute eye-catcher, the centre of attention in any room.

But, it is always possible to do more. Are you dreaming of a table, countertop, bathtub or lamp made of onyx? Please let us know – no dream is too big.

Onyx interiors projects

Are you curious about how onyx designs would translate to an interior setting? Just take a look at some of our projects, and you’ll be amazed. We can breathe colour and life into any home, just as we did with this villa. But the bright bands of onyx can also be the centrepiece of large public places, such as a restaurant or even a national airport.

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Enrich your interior with bespoke onyx creations

As an onyx supplier, we seek to bring our clients’ dreams to life with the finest materials. We take pride in all the times that we surpass the client’s expectations as a result of our innovative designs and wonderful natural stone. Get in touch with us to learn more about our brand and how we can guide you every step of the way to realize the interior design you have in mind. Feel free to ask us for a price quote or share your ideas with us. Our team will be thrilled to help realize your dream.

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