Interior Fragrance Reed Diffuser – Refill Bottle


The Stone & Reed Diffuser is designed to be yours for life.

With this refill made with recycled plastic, you can keep using your diffuser endlessly.

Description: Discover this distinct, rich fragrance that creates a warm ambiance with a touch of luxury. Composed of 39 notes, it brings to life the layered complexity of stone, with a mineral-like clarity and an element of deep mystery.

Ingredients: It’s crafted from the finest natural ingredients such as smoky oudh, delicate saffron, spicy pink pepper and fresh orange blossom, carefully sourced from around the world, exactly like our stone.

Some other layers you could experience in this fragrance are suede, ambergris, grapefruit, musc, vetiver, choya nakh, patchouli, sandalwood and many more.

Includes : Recycled plastic Refill bottle with the fragrance, black wooden sticks

  • Shipping time: within 48 hours