Nature in Technicolour OMA/Prada

Punctuating Milan’s skyline, OMA’s Torre Fondazione Prada is magnificent from every angle. SolidNature was invited to bring Rem Koolhaas’ vision to life – a pink onyx clad elevator that reveals a spectacular view from the top. To capture the exact shade envisaged, lightweight onyx sheets were injected with dye to create a hue that is not possible in nature. In conjunction with backlighting in the space, the result is captivating. This stands in contrast to floors created in rare Snow White Travertine, which were meticulously sourced for quality and consistency.


Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti, Jacopo Milanesi, Bas Princen, TF Chan


OMA - Chris van Duin, Rem Koolhaas, Federico Pompignoli

We have worked with SolidNature on many projects, in many countries, and both the breadth of their collection and quality of their material is unique. The eccentric, marvellous and sometimes surreal colours and textures of natural stone never fail to inspire us

Chris van Duin, Partner at OMA


Giving the illusion of a solid block of stone, SolidNature utilises a ‘honeycomb’ technique traditionally used on super-yachts. A thin layer of naturally heavy materials, such as marble, onyx, travertine or semi-precious stones, is applied to a lightweight honeycomb backing and edges are finished to complete the effect.


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